Rocky Mountain International Student Program

International education has been part of the Selkirk experience for Kimberley and area students since the 1980s. For nearly 30 years, students from dozens of countries around the world have been living and learning in Kimberley. 

The Rocky Mountain International Student Program provides students from around the world with the unique opportunity to live and learn in British Columbia. The program is designed to maximize the study abroad experience by fostering friendships between Canadian and international students. This focus benefits Canadian students as much as international ones by exposing them to new cultures, languages, and learning styles. The result is a multidimensional, international experience that benefits everyone involved. In a world that is rapidly shrinking, Selkirk Secondary School and School District No. 6 (Rocky Mountain) remain at the forefront of programming designed to prepare students for a future that will only be as positive and productive as the people who will shape it. 

For more information on the program including how to become a host family, please visit or call Barbara del Pino, Kimberley Homestay Coordinator, at 250-427-6168.