Academic Support Block

Students in Grade 11 and 12 may apply for an Academic Support Block if they have 3 academic courses in the same semester. The intent of an Academic Support Block is to allow students with a heavy course load additional support and time to work on their course work.

For the purpose of accessing an Academic Support Block, the courses listed below will be deemed as eligible academic courses. Additionally, to ensure that these blocks are used effectively, when considering a student for an Academic support block, a student’s work habit history will be taken into consideration. Each student will be required to fill out a Student Learning Plan explaining their rationale for accessing this block and how it fits with their graduation plan and future goals. The following are courses considered “academic”:

  • Pre-Calculus Math 11/12
  • Calculus 12
  • Foundations of Math 11/12
  • Workplace Math 11/12
  • Life Science 11
  • Anatomy and Physiology 12
  • Earth Science 11
  • Chemistry 11/12
  • Physics 11/12
  • Geology 12
  • Science for Citizens 11
  • Social Justice 12
  • World History 12
  • Law 12
  • Geography 12
  • English 11/12

Note: Students who meet the criteria for an Academic support block may take only one of these blocks in a school year. Academic support blocks are NOT a spare. Students are expected to be present during every block; attendance will be taken every day and a work habit and comment will appear on report cards.  There is no letter grade given for a support block and there are no credits earned.